Gesture Based Interactivity

Gesture based interactivity through DOOHapps.
TRIKAYA is the official partner of DOOHapps in India and Bangladesh.

What is DOOHapps?

The best interactive App to attract, engage and convert consumers

DOOHapps is the first interactive application store for the Digital-Out-of-Home industry. Far too many public displays only broadcast information and advertising. At DOOHapps, we make sure viewers can interact with such displays, using their smartphones or gestures in a straightforward and intuitive way.

What we DOOH?

> DOOHapps offers innovative digital signage applications that convert your physical environment into a digital space and measures customer behaviour.
> Together with our partners, we help you set up interactive displays, manage and create campaigns and boost your business result

> We distinguish ourselves by creating customizable applications which are applicable in numerous situations such as outdoor advertising, retail, entertainment and information purposes

How does it work?


Buy or rent an App?

You can either buy or rent an App. The choice is yours and let us help you with picking the right price model for your campaign.



Permanent interactive experiences, Retail

Better for longer periods: months or years

Focus on cost saving

Preference for Capex model

App buying is a big part of the total cost



Campaign based advertising, DOOH, Events

Better for shorter periods: 1 – 4 weeks

Focus on flexibility and innovation

Preference for Opex model

App rental represents smaller part of total cost