Touch Displays

We offer interactive touch displays through AIRxTOUCH™ for Shop Windows like real estate, retail, banking, services etc. TRIKAYA is the official partner of AIRxTOUCH™ in India and Bangladesh.


What is AIRxTOUCH?

airxtouch_samsungAIRxTOUCH™ – The disruptive through glass technology, is the only technology that enables displays to become interactive under all outdoor conditions and through glazed surfaces like shop windows. AIRxTOUCH™ BAR is compatible with Windows 10 Apps.

The plug-and-play AIRxTOUCH™ BAR works under any kind of ambient light, at any time, and allows brands & stores to attract the attention of their future customers in an innovative and interactive way. The bar turns a regular screen into an interactive display, instantly making it an eye-catcher for people who are passing by. It is more responsive than any kind of existing touch device on the market. The solution works on double, triple and even armoured glass. No physical contact is needed. Even when wearing gloves, your hand becomes the pointer; just push, zoom or swipe.


How does it work? Have a look!