Multi Touch Screen Software

WORLD’S FIRST APPSTORE FOR CUSTOMIZABLE TOUCH SCREEN SOFTWARE!! Multitouch Screen Software | Digital Signage Touch Apps – Customizable Multi Touch Screen Software for all Interactive Digital Signage Touch Screen Displays, Tables, Videowalls & Kiosk Terminals.

Easily customizable touch screen software via the Eyefactive Online AppStore – as well as individually developed Multitouch software according to your requirements. Deployable on all interactive touch screen systems. For effective interactive digital signage at point of sale, information, entertainment and collaboration.

Download and customize Multitouch apps yourself or get individually developed software.

TRIKAYA is the official partner of eyefactive’s specialized AppStore for large-scale professional touchscreens for India and Bangladesh.

How it works

Each app can be individually customized in the touchscreen content management software “AppSuite”. With a simple drag and drop interface you can integrate your own content and designs easily – no programming skills required!

Download and install AppSuite CMS
for free on every Windows PC / mediaplayer.

Download apps via AppStore and customize
them easily with your content & designs.

Individual solutions for all touch screens,
tables, kiosks, terminals and video walls.


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Interactive Multi Touch Screen Products

Eyefactive brings to you interactive multi touch screen products: displays, tables, steles, kiosks and video walls in various sizes and formats. These are innovative solutions for successful interactive digital signage projects.

TRIKAYA is the official partner of Eyefactive in India and Bangladesh.

Eyefactive Products Overview

1. LCD Multitouch Systems
2. Rear-Projection Systems

LCD Multitouch Systems – Our touch screen products are based on high-quality LCD displays with HD / UHD resolution, premium multitouch sensors and many options for individual adjustments and expansions. Choose from the following products to read details –

ALPHA Multitouch Tables
Interactive multitouch tables in various sizes and formats.

DELTA Multitouch Kiosks
Interactive multitouch kiosk terminals in various sizes and formats.

TALOS Multitouch Steles
Interactive multitouch steles / totems in various sizes and formats.

Hypebox Transparent Multitouch Screens
Interactive box with transparent touch screen in various sizes and formats.

SAPPHIRE Interactive Shop Window Displays
Interactive shop window with multitouch screen in various sizes and formats.

Multitouch Displays/Monitors
Interactive touch screen displays in various sizes and formats.

Multitouch Videowalls
Interactive multitouch video walls in various sizes and formats.

TAURUS Multitouch Tables
Interactive multitouch tables in 65” UHD resolution.

XXL Multitouch Systems with Rear-Projection Technology – Multitouch systems based on rear-projection and true optical camera tracking technology for unlimited touch points and unlimited object recognition using simple printable markers.

eyefactive_rear1OMEGA Multitouch Module System
Round and curved multitouch tables and walls XXL

AURORA Round Multitouch Tables
Interactive tables with round 360° touch screen display

AEON Robust Multitouch Tables
Robust multitouch tables in custom designs


How it works?

Usecases & Industries of Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive digital signage installations can be deployed in many areas :

> Point of Sale (POS)
> Hotel/Hospitality
> Trade Fair & Exhibitions
> Cinemas & Shopping Malls
> Bar & Club
> Public Space/DOOH
> Restaurant
> Customer Experience Center
> Museum & Science Center
> Meeting & Teamwork
> Banks
> Galleries
> Foyers & Lobbies
> Airports
> Casino
> Control Center


Touch Displays

We offer interactive touch displays through AIRxTOUCH™ for Shop Windows like real estate, retail, banking, services etc. TRIKAYA is the official partner of AIRxTOUCH™ in India and Bangladesh.


What is AIRxTOUCH?

airxtouch_samsungAIRxTOUCH™ – The disruptive through glass technology, is the only technology that enables displays to become interactive under all outdoor conditions and through glazed surfaces like shop windows. AIRxTOUCH™ BAR is compatible with Windows 10 Apps.

The plug-and-play AIRxTOUCH™ BAR works under any kind of ambient light, at any time, and allows brands & stores to attract the attention of their future customers in an innovative and interactive way. The bar turns a regular screen into an interactive display, instantly making it an eye-catcher for people who are passing by. It is more responsive than any kind of existing touch device on the market. The solution works on double, triple and even armoured glass. No physical contact is needed. Even when wearing gloves, your hand becomes the pointer; just push, zoom or swipe.


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Interactive Floor | Table Projection

One of our Interactive Floor and Table Projection mapping offerings is Mon LUMI Lamps. TRIKAYA is the official partner of Mon LUMI in India and Bangladesh.

What is Mon LUMI?

Mon LUMI ™ is a new “All in One” interactive mapping concept for hotels, restaurants, malls, stores, events, kids areas and waiting rooms.

It is much more than just a light, providing a full blown interactive or non-interactive video mapping on tables or floors. It provides a very powerful tool to communicate, entertain or simply decorate public spaces.

This comes in various shades and sizes to suit the interiors of your space.

How does it work?

The products are turn key, which means that we have integrated everything which is required to do either video mapping or interactive animations in a lamp !

We have made it easy to use – the integrated lamps come pre calibrated, with the right effect and animation preloaded.

The only thing to do…is to switch on !

The Mon LUMI comes in 3 different versions –

Mon LUMI map

Mon LUMI aktiv

Mon LUMI select



The use of special LED projection technologies so that you can enjoy up to 5 years durability on the lamps, and highly integrated PC hardware makes Mon LUMI ™ a very slick, robust, and extremely price worth solution requiring almost zero intervention and maintenance.

Lumi AKTIV and Lumi MAP come with:

  • Many design shades
  • HD led projectors
  • High Performance Intel Processors
  • Full HD camera
  • Light Led bulb




Mon LUMI ™ is provided in many different versions in both sizes (S,M,L) and designs (with Suspended, Stand Alone, Design, and of course Custom versions) to adapt to the style of a customer’s location.



Gesture Based Interactivity

Gesture based interactivity through DOOHapps.
TRIKAYA is the official partner of DOOHapps in India and Bangladesh.

What is DOOHapps?

The best interactive App to attract, engage and convert consumers

DOOHapps is the first interactive application store for the Digital-Out-of-Home industry. Far too many public displays only broadcast information and advertising. At DOOHapps, we make sure viewers can interact with such displays, using their smartphones or gestures in a straightforward and intuitive way.

What we DOOH?

> DOOHapps offers innovative digital signage applications that convert your physical environment into a digital space and measures customer behaviour.
> Together with our partners, we help you set up interactive displays, manage and create campaigns and boost your business result

> We distinguish ourselves by creating customizable applications which are applicable in numerous situations such as outdoor advertising, retail, entertainment and information purposes

How does it work?


Buy or rent an App?

You can either buy or rent an App. The choice is yours and let us help you with picking the right price model for your campaign.



Permanent interactive experiences, Retail

Better for longer periods: months or years

Focus on cost saving

Preference for Capex model

App buying is a big part of the total cost



Campaign based advertising, DOOH, Events

Better for shorter periods: 1 – 4 weeks

Focus on flexibility and innovation

Preference for Opex model

App rental represents smaller part of total cost